Dire performance but Rams gain a point

Derby 1-1 Brentford

It was horrible from beginning to end with the only highlight being the Darren Bent ‘right place, right time’ poacher’s finish. I don’t know how Brentford didn’t win it 5-0, the Rams really were that poor.

The away side played like the home side for the first-half. Possession at half-time was over 60% in their favour. Derby didn’t get hold of the ball and play it around, instead Brentford created some good chances against a disjointed and error-prone defence. The new defence that includes Keogh at right-back with Forsyth at centre-half might have looked okay against a poor Wigan side but not today.

However, the Rams were in control for the first ten minutes of the first 45. Apart from that, it was just awful to watch. Long balls forward were met with nothing, crosses straight to defenders and a whole team lacking a lot of confidence.

Bent’s goal was even difficult to cheer, the goal celebration music didn’t feel right. Boos at half-time and some at full-time were horrible to hear for a team in 5th fighting for the Premiership but were within their right and justified.

Passing it about in their own half, Derby still looked troubled and it provided one or two eye-covering moments. Where is the side demolished Wolves 5-0 and Fulham 5-1 earlier in the season?

After some games in the horrific recent run of form, many have written off automatic promotion but not until the last few games have I really thought that the side couldn’t make the play-offs. It’s going to be quite a fight to make them and then, based on what I see at the moment, suffer an immediate semi-final defeat to a much better Middlesbrough team. Derby, Ipswich, Brentford and Wolves – four won’t fit into two play-off spaces. I say this with little confidence but I think Derby might just stumble over the line. I can’t see any form coming from anywhere.

The whole feel about the club isn’t right. There’s a general consensus that McClaren is off. Maybe the players are feeling that.

What next? Surely not Blackpool giving Derby a kicking on Tuesday night?

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3 Responses to Dire performance but Rams gain a point

  1. Frank Veacock says:

    Totally agree, defensively very poor, no direction from the midfield and fortunate to have a seasoned poacher to save our skins!! We could spend hours pointing the finger at players but the team has shockingly slipped from the best footballing side of the championship to a team disjointed in every department.
    My heart says we will do it but form and displays states otherwise, and being over in New Zealand and seeing the 30,000+ home gates I cannot but feel for the loyal Derby supporters.
    A club like Derby need to be in the Premier, so I am listening to my heart and keeping my faith that we will do it!!!!

  2. petekobryn says:

    We were confused tactically and the players seemed unsure – there is a lot going wrong behind the scenes at the moment

  3. robert norman says:

    Mr McClaren got what he deserved…He is arrogant and when we beat you 2-0 at the Amex he should look back at his smug remarks to your Derby TV reporter about how you lost the game..No respect and you get your reward from that day on…Porr performances and end up still in the Championship…He still can’t stop commenting on us Brighton about how we have fallen away with Wigan..Well as i see it we are still in the same league as you guys and we all start on a level playing field in August..Up the Albion

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