Rams fans ripped off at Norwich but welcomed to Wolves

Browsing the official club site, I was struck by the prices for both the Norwich and Wolves away games – they couldn’t be in greater contrast.

For the game at Norwich, adults are charged £40 – yes, £40 for a Championship match! Over-65s are £30, under-17s are £25 and under-12s are £17.

For the game at Wolves, adults are charged £13.50, over-65s and under-21s are £7.50, under-17s are £6 and under-12s are £5.

Carrow Road is over 170 miles from Derby. Molineux is over 40 miles from Derby.


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20 Responses to Rams fans ripped off at Norwich but welcomed to Wolves

  1. Les McNicol says:

    Don’t come then!

  2. Richard fardoe says:

    Wolves fan Norwich charged us 35 quid so i voting with my feet. Wolves have made the Derby home match half price guess the club want a packed out stadium. Hope to see a rocking stadium we certainly owe you guys one!

  3. Paul Clarke says:

    It’s basic economic principle of supply and demand. Wolves have, on average, 8,500 empty seats at every league game so have to price games accordingly to try and get bums on seats. Norwich on the other hand operate at 97% of capacity for every home game, having sold out of season tickets for twelve years in a row and are therefore the ‘going rate’ of a ticket is higher. I would suggest Norwich appear to have got their pricing right and have a duty to run their club as a business, rather than as a charity. As one other comment has already said, if you feel £40 is too much then stay at home, you are not forced to attend the game!

    • Joe.k says:

      I could not agree more. If you don’t like the price stay at home Derby fans.

      • SteveH says:

        As a supporter I love the atmosphere away fans generate & would much rather see a packed away end. As for Norwich being packed!, let’s see how packed it is after a couple of seasons down in the championship shall we……….you may well be holding your hand out for cheaper tickets yourselves then……………if of course you still turn up.

    • Mark says:

      Good answer !

      • milkeebar says:

        Norwich got full houses when they got relegated into league 1. The support is there whatever league we may be in.
        So yes, let’s see how packed it stays.

  4. John says:

    Don’t go then.

  5. Mark says:

    I am a norwich fan living in derby and paid £27 for a ticket for the match at the i pro in December. the match was at 12.15 lunchtime kick off and was also live on Sky and the Saturday before Xmas (dec 20). I wonder how much derby would gave charged if it was a 3pm kick off on a normal Saturday and not a televised fixture ? Bet it would’ve been more than £27 what with a bigger away following in attendance ! Stop bleating Rams fans ! Get it ! Lol ! Don’t go if you think it’s too much then !

  6. Michael P says:

    SteveH – You clearly aren’t the sharpest knife in the draw. “Let’s see how packed it is after a couple of seasons down in the championship shall we……”. We have seen that! As Paul Clarke said, we have sold out our season tickets 12 years running….one of those in league one and the majority of them in the championship!!!! I echo the previous sentiment…if you don’t like it, don’t pay but just stop whining!

  7. Big Eddie says:

    The pricing right at £40 for a second division game, are serious? Bournemouth are pretty much filling their ground this season, should they be charging everyone 40 quid to go and stand in their shed?

    Unfortunately any rumblings of a boycott won’t happen, the game is to important and will probably sell out.

  8. Ross N says:

    Wolves fan here and the reason as suggested by Richard is that wolves have made the game half price for wolves fans so have to do the same derby. Reason being the game is on a Friday night and on sky. As for 40quid that does sound expensive for a ticket but as the Norwich fans have pointed out with them nearing capacity each home game(having a bigger catchment area for supporters and lack of competiton from other professional clubs certainly helps that) the club can afford to price the tickets so high and home fans will be paying the same.

  9. matt bennett says:

    Rubbish journalism clearly written by a child. As stated in other replies, Norwich sell out every home game just about, and have done for many years so have a ticket pricing policy that reflects that. I suspect that if they charged £50 a ticket the stadium would still sell out.
    The home fans pay the same as the away fans, so you’re hardly being punished. Should the tickets be cheaper because you’ve had to travel? Do derby charge away fans less than their own? No and no. This is a non-story. If you feel that supporting your club whilst on a promotion push to the best league in the world isn’t worth 40 quid then earn some more money or support Ilkeston instead.

  10. DS says:

    LOL ….. You Norwich Fans make me laugh! ….. The only reason you get a full house is that you have a monopoly on the area! …… Derby have clubs like Aston Villa, Stoke, Birmingham, Nottingham Forest, Sheffield Wednesday, Leicester, Wolves all within an hours drive! …… You’ve got Kings Lynn, Wroxham, Diss and Lowestoft ! 🙂 ….. Joke of a club! ….. Keep your Seats Norwich City …… I won’t be going!

    • milkeebar says:

      How does having a good fan base make the club a joke then?
      You won’t be coming, oh No. I better call everyone & make sure they’re OK with this Earth shattering news.

  11. Craig says:

    £40 is too expensive for football regardless of full capacity or anything. One standard price for away tickets should be agreed at the start of the season for every club throughout the league.

  12. Alex B says:

    The fact Norwich fans are blindly defending their clubs prices and happy to see them charge away fans that amount of money is why more and more people are not able to support their local team and watch the game they fell in love with as a child.
    I’ve travelled to almost every away game this season and seen clubs such as Birmingham and Leeds destroyed by owners and pricing. Don’t tell me those clubs couldn’t sell out every week if the ticket prices were lower and everyone knows they have a large following.
    £40 is the price for anybody aged 17 or over. The average 17-20 year olds are still students and rely on part time jobs for funding. Yes, if you can’t afford it you can just say ‘don’t go then’, but is it really that fucking easy to stay at home, knowing your football team are out playing somewhere, possibly pushing for promotion, but you have been priced out of being able to go and support your team.
    Football is a working mans game, for all I know it may be all Tea, Cake and Downton Abbey down in Norwich but I doubt you’ll find many who will a) be able to afford travelling down to Norwich and b) spend £40 on a ticket, especially when you look at paying bills etc.
    I understand Norwich sell out etc etc but at the end of the day this won’t carry on if you keep letting your owners exploit you and eventually raise prices and price you out of the game. Ipswich are just as bad as you lot, by the way.
    I hope you Norwich fans can see some sense in this situation, whatever the game or competition £40 for someone to go and watch their local side is disgraceful.

  13. Kevin Large says:

    Dont mind paying £40 for myself thats my choice but charging £25 for my 13 year old son ! Disgrace !! However will be at the game have to take it on the chin i’m afraid

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