Mac fails to rule out Newcastle job

UPDATE: Sam Rush speaks out, says there have been no approaches and claims Mac ‘completely dismissed it’.

After today’s 1-0 win over Southport, Rams boss Steve McClaren was asked repeatedly to rule out the vacant Newcastle United job. He didn’t rule it out but insisted it was ‘pure speculation’. I can’t have been the only one shouting “just rule it out” at the radio. It was like watching a politician skirt around awkward questions on Newsnight but more agonising as a Rams fan. This uncertainty is hardly great, especially leading up to the huge game at Ipswich next week.

I don’t think he’ll go, I doubt many think he will and, surely, he doesn’t want it – so why won’t he rule it out?

Is he wanting a bigger wage packet at Pride Park? Is he saying ‘look, I’m a man in demand, show me you want me to get you in the Premiership’? That could be one reason.

Another could be that he is issuing a come and get me plea and that he quite fancies the challenge up there. Please, no!

Or does he just like teasing us? Perhaps he is laughing at all this panic now!

It’s no surprise to see his name near the top of the bookies’ odds for vacant positions at top clubs given his success here. That’s football. It really would be a tragedy for him to leave at this stage. The Darren Bent rumours were dismissed by the Mac as ‘speculation’ days before the striker’s signing was confirmed, which hardly arouses confidence when he repeats it this time.

The days ahead this January are set to be very interesting. Ipswich are next up (I’m predicting a Bent winner against his old club already!) and then it’s Forest but what about signings? We’re in for more and more interesting, and hopefully joyous, times this month. Up the Rams!

UPDATE: Sam Rush speaks out, says there have been no approaches and claims Mac ‘completely dismissed it’.

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