The Opposition View: Derby Vs Rotherham

Ahead of Saturday’s season opener against newly-promoted Rotherham United, I have asked Richard Gaynor of Millers Mad a few questions about his team.

Was last season’s promotion what you were expecting at the beginning of the season?
Well, we kinda knew we would be having a good go at it, the chairman’s an ambitious bloke and Evans knows how to get the best out of the team. But as for expecting it, the more rounded fans wouldn’t have expected it, no. Fancied it? Yes.

What do you make of ex-Ram Ben Pringle? Here he struggled to break into the side.
You’ve lost out kid!! Cracking player and he likes killing pigs.

One thing with Pringle is the effort he puts in, he covers every blade of grass, that for me is a must. Andy Scott, the manager who originally signed him, didn’t give him a chance…more fool him.

How has the summer been so far in terms of transfer activity?
Busy, as usual. That Steve Evans, he signs who he wants (well almost) – 12 players in as I type, with a huge bid (for our club) reportedly accepted for Stevie May. We’ve been after him before, although this time looks like we might get him.

Who is danger-man of the side?
Too early to say, I’ve not seen any friendlies as they’re just run-outs to get fitness.

What are you expecting this season?
Survival…anything other is a bonus. However, Evans is a lucky manager, he’s also got something, four successive promotions speaks for itself. The chairman backs him. You never know!!

Thanks to Richard for taking the time to answer the questions.

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