The Opposition View: Play-Off Final – Derby Vs QPR

Ahead of this weekend’s play-off final, dubbed ‘the richest game in football’, I have asked QPR Report a few questions about the Rs.

How would you sum up your season and has it matched your expectations?
Pre-season: All scenarios seemed possible: Automatic promotion; playoffs; Relegation/Relegation struggle.
In truth, once we got off to our good start, I am somewhat disappointed we’re in the playoffs. (Although of course grateful to at least have this chance.)

Your semi-final was obviously tighter than ours, how do you think it went overall?
Bottom line: “We did it. We did it. We did it!” – Always expected a tough semi-final playoff. And we DID come from behind to do it.

Who will provide your main threat in the game at Wembley?
Hogan Ephraim and Shaun Wright-Phillips! (Sorry but not going to give you any aid. But if you look at the crucial “Spine of a team” – I think we’re pretty strong. We have a lot of very experienced and on-paper, very classy players.

Lastly, what do you expect for the final and what is your prediction?
Our beloved Chairman of QPR has characterised me as “Negative” – and it’s true that I am not inherently the most optimistic of posters.
I’ll be gutted and “sick as a parrot” if we lose. But I certainly won’t be shocked by that loss. But nor will I be shocked by a win – although of course, I will be chuffed and “over the moon!”…. (Of course even if we win, “the long twilight struggle” for QPR’s future, will continue! But I’ll take that…

I’ll go for QPR for the win. But in all honesty..who knows.

I obviously can’t wish Derby County luck before the game, or any nonsense like “May the best team win.” But I certainly
don’t bear any enmity towards Derby, and if worst comes to the worst, best of luck…And who knows: 12 Months from now, whichever team goes up on Saturday, may 12 months from now, be passing the defeated team as the clubs switch…

Onwards and Upwards!

Thank you to Mike at QPR Report for taking the time to answer the questions.

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