The Nation Reacts To Clough’s Sacking

Here are various people’s reactions to Nigel Clough’s dismissal as Derby County manager.

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3 Responses to The Nation Reacts To Clough’s Sacking

  1. Cliff Hudston says:

    Disgusted with the board each year we have made progress slowly I know but progress none the less. I believed that when we went up it would be for a long time & not relegated before kicking off the season. I just hope that the few moaners are happy compared to the silent majority. Good luck Nigel with your next club & show the DCFC board what they have missed out on just your dad & Leeds cliff s/t holder ( at the moment anyway)

  2. Jacob says:

    Even as a Forest fan I am sorry to see Nigel Clough being sacked, really don’t understand it, with little money his sides were competitive and players seemed to want to play for him. Hope you don’t get McClaren, I would not even wish that on a Forest rival!

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