FANS’ POLL: Should Derby have sacked Clough?

Derby today parted company with manager Nigel Clough.

Please vote your opinion of the sacking in the below poll and comment below.

I hope to get my thoughts in a full blog post on here in the next day or so.

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17 Responses to FANS’ POLL: Should Derby have sacked Clough?

  1. Dave king says:

    Nigel should have given some cash to buy a couple of experienced players to compline the team and bring on the younger players

  2. Peter Clarke says:

    I will now be asking for my season ticket money to be refunded. DCFC have moved the goalposts

  3. Daveheth Bull says:

    Terrible decision

  4. Sonia Bramley says:

    Pete if you return your season ticket can you keep your phone????

  5. Peter Shore says:

    For those who wanted him out, any new manager will still lose games just as they will win and draw games, thats football. If he has his hamds tied to the same extent that Nigel had, then he wont do any better than what we have now. If he gets money to spend, then Nigel should have been given the same chance. Stability within a club is worth far more than turmoil.

    • John Carrington says:

      TOTALLY agree Peter – look what happened during all our previous years of instability – my view is that most successful clubs have come from a position of stability

  6. John Carrington says:

    Think about your own job – you inherit a group that are paid well but ineffective you get the task of getting reducing cost but improving performance, you work hard and get some success that brings in some funds and the group are performing better than the old, but you know to be even more effective you need to bring in some better expertise which can only get through investment – you cannot get the investment from your bosses and then get sacked because you haven’t made the progress you could only make with the investment – would you feel it was a just decision if it were you? Who is really at fault here?

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  8. Ray says:

    I agree with Robbin savage ray gt yarmouth

  9. Brian says:

    My fear is that whoever comes in the first thing they will do is have a clear out,that will put us back to where we were five seasons ago in debt with a bunch of over paid underachievers with no long term future.

  10. Somerset season ticket holder says:

    Well let’s hope that we don’t get a manager like the one up the A52. Who will waste millions for the sake of it, with absolutely no sign of skilled players and no sign of improvement, plus the very expensive backroom staff of 14. That management ruined us last time, let’s not go there again. Nigel and his team worked wonders in scouting for young talent and bringing them on through the ranks and also bought players in from his meagre transfer kitty allowance, some worked and some didn’t, but he didn’t waste millions in the process, unlike his predecessors – especially the little chap down the road.
    If we are hell bent on change, let’s get the job done properly and change the owners too. My vote is for a Board who know about football, who know about Derby County and know how to run a successful business……….I can think of one such consortium, what do we as supporters have to do to make it happen?
    We’ll just stagnate with the current lot in charge.
    Come on Rams fans, what can we do to accelerate the change which is so desperately needed?
    These clowns need to know how we feel and all endeavours should be made to remove them from OUR club.

  11. Jimmie says:

    Nigel was perfect for the board to do the work he has carried out over the last 4 years because who he is. A master stroke to keep the fans divided.
    Now it is time to move on. Hopefully get a passionate man whip does not stand with his arms folded all the time. Never had faith in his back room team also.
    An unlucky Manager.

  12. Rob Clarke says:

    I feel vey sorry for Nigel clough ,he should of bin given some money to spend .he has basically built a good young squad as well as bringing the wadge budget down ,he was proberly two or three good players away from a promotion wining side . I can’t understand the boards mentalaty to sack him when only 85% of the project was done . I have a sneaky feeling that this was all brought onto by Sam rush who started his job in January ,this maybe the case off him bringing his own man in to do the job. This man is tony pulis and if so wot we going to do we would need to sign 11 six foot monters of players so he can play his style of long ball .And my final point is tony pulis was seen at the forest game while Nigel clough was still manager this deal with him was proberly already done ,if this is the case then that is I big disrespect to Nigel who proberly saved our club from going back to those dark days in division three (L1) . Robin from Leicester

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  14. ADBC says:

    As a Forest fan you probably don’t give two shits about my opinion but I agree with a lot of the guys above. Creating stability and building on it has got to be key. Especially if funds are not available. I look at Swansea now as the modern model to build a team. Create an ethos, build a football identity and then add to it with better quality players the more successful you get. The chase for premier league cash has made so many clubs lose sight of this. (Forest and Derby especially as there was a distinct way in which our clubs played.) It’s this same chase for the short term cash that has caused so much upheaval and instability.

    As much as I hate to see Derby do well, I kind of wanted us to go up together, represent the E. Midlands in the prem and play good quality football too. I know you guys think BD is satan but he did get you up to the prem and was only given 1 more game than Nigel has had this season before he was sacked. Surely Paul Jewel has to take his fair share of blame for the position that Nigel inherited. He had 80% of the prem season to put it right. Some managers come in with much less time than he had to save you from relegation and they succeed. When BD came in (both times) for Forest he instantly galvanized the squad and got them playing together as a team and fighting for each other. I think he’s a better manager now than when he was at Derby and also a better manager than when he was at Forest first time round. Yes he’s a pious little shit but he gets results and I can’t say he’s wasted Forests money. Not like McClaren did (who you could get).

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