Chief Executive Sam Rush talks to Rams fans

Sam Rush has been at the helm as Rams chief executive since the turn of the year now. He recently spoke to supporters in a local school interview, click play below to hear that and then scroll below to read my interview with the interviewee!

Rams fan Thomas Bull put the questions to Mr Rush, here’s what Thomas had to say.

What did you make of Sam Rush and his comments?

I felt that Sam Rush was very positive in his comments, it is clear to see how much he likes his role at the club, and how much he wants to succeed while at Derby. He knows the main issues that the squad has, and accepts that we need investment.

How important is it for Sam to have a good relationship with supporters by doing interviews like this?

It is very important that he maintains a good relationship with supporters, as ultimately we pay his wages. He knows how upset the fans were with the recent run, and he is making a genuine effort to get his face out there, and take in opinions of the fans. The fact that he came to a school shows that fans of all ages are respected.

Was the awful recent run of form a wake up call for investment in the playing squad?

Sam made it sound like we were going to be invested, his quotation about expecting experienced heads in really excites me. I would expect a decent investment, but it was said that if we can get quality players cheaper we will, but the money is there should we need it.

With more quality additions can Derby make a better top six push next season?

I think with a few experienced players we could push, but it is vital we keep Hughes, Brayford etc. We have a good young spine from this season, we just need to ‘flesh it out’ so to speak.

I outlined in a couple of recent posts (post 1 and post 2) on that with more experienced additions in the summer the club could make a more sustained challenge for the top 6. Signs of a side that can challenge have been very visible this season but we’ve lacked a few extra bodies with experience to help see out games and guide the inexperienced youngsters when the pressure is on. Sam Rush seems to have some ambition that has perhaps been lacking recently, let’s hope that can be injected in the summer and he can engineer some good transfer business – key to a good season.

Finally, I’d like to thanks Thomas for answering my questions and sharing this interview with supporters on the web. You can listen to his podcast by clicking here.

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