The Swiss Rams descend on Derby

For the Rams’ recent local East Midlands derby against Nottingham Forest, Derby supporter Michael Harris, who lives in Switzerland, brought 41 other Swiss Rams to Pride Park to watch the 1-1 draw. Here’s my interview with him all about his journey and the Rams!

How was the journey to the game V Nottingham Forest, particularly with all the snow?

Swiss Rams tickets

42 tickets in line!

To be honest, the actual journey was completely hassle free, no problems at all, but the pre-journey hype was another thing altogether.

I work at Basel airport in Switzerland and so have quick and accurate access to the departure schedules etc and almost every flight out of Basel was cancelled or delayed, and every flight in to the UK was the same.

Ours, was incredibly, on time, departed on time, arrived on time….perfect… I had arranged a coach to pick us up from Manchester airport and take us direct to Derby, which again, was no problem.

The guys from over here all thought it was so funny that I was panicking over the snow and when we arrived in Manchester there was about 1 cm.

What did you think to the game and the Derby team?

The game was a bit of an anti climax to be honest, I thought the atmosphere was lacking something, and the “occasion” just didn’t seem to be the same. Maybe it is because we have played each other so many times in the last 4 or 5 years, I think we need a break from the fixture……with that lot going down the best way of course.

I like the look of the Derby team, I like the ideas Clough is trying to install in them, although I would have liked to have seen a few more blood and thunder tackles flying in.

I had told all the lads about Hughes, they were all looking forward to seeing him, and I thought he was about the least effective of them all, which was really disappointing.

How often do you come back to England to watch the Rams?

I get back to England as much as possible, maybe 5 or 6 times a season, and always arrange the trip over to coincide with a Derby game.

The last game I was over for was the Millwall away game, glamorous!

What was it like organising some many supporters on a very busy day?

It was a complete nightmare, I have to be honest.

With so many of them it was impossible to keep tabs on where they all were at any given time.

I arranged a full English breakfast experience in the Waterfall for them all, and met a bunch of my school mates down there, all in all there was 75 of us, trying to move them all out of there and to the ground was almost impossible, we lost a couple on the way, but luckily they all found their way eventually.

The Swiss Rams pose for a photo on the Pride Park pitch with Derby defender Valentin Gjokaj, who is from also from Switzerland!

What’s your favourite ever Derby County match? 

So many… Rotherham in Division 3….Plymouth away in the cup,…..Palace at the baseball ground when we won promotion…..but if I was pushed, I would have to go for the play off final.

I’d like to thank Michael for taking the time to answer my questions and I hope that him and all the other Swiss Rams had a brilliant time in Derby.

Finally, if you do use Twitter then you can follow Michael using the username @MuespachRam.

Up the Rams!

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