RAMS ON TOUR in October: Middlesbrough, Ipswich & Peterbrough

I ask fans their views on the away grounds visited in a month. The games against Middlesbrough, Ipswich and Peterborough are featured in this edition.

Middlesbrough 2-2 Derby County, The Riverside Stadium. 3.10.12

The Rams picked up a point despite trailing 2-1 after a ‘Boro goal on 81 minutes. Paul Coutts picked up his first Derby goal in the final few minutes to rescue a point, Theo Robinson scored the Rams’ earlier goal from the spot.

Coutts celebrates.

The first away trip of the month was a long trip, Rams fan Thomas Stone was among the travelling supporters.

Overall Day: 7/10

I was off work and my friend booked it. Thought we’d get up early for a bite to eat. Great drive up which is rare and found a great place for a cheap meal. Pleased with the result but should have snatched it.

The sides prepare for the game.

Derby Support: 2/10

Very low turn out but at £27 a ticket it was a costly game. Midweek meant the trains were out the window and in the weeks leading up to Christmas it’s no surprise.

Ground Atmosphere: 3/10

Quiet ground. Wasn’t helped by a low ‘Boro turn out. They had a couple of decent pockets of supporters. Showed some good passion. Derby tried to make some noise with the fans there. Small following at times to better banter and more witty shouts.

Stadium Overall: 6/10

Well it’s Pride Park really but in red. Prices seemed slightly higher than normal for concession stands.

Thoughts on the day and game

Overall as an away day goes it wasn’t packed with beers, banter and pies but a good day out. Game was entertaining and the way after coming from behind to gain the draw was quite admiral. We should have snatched the win from Theo on the back post but the less said about that the better. The draw was the fair result and no one could complain.

A good smooth away day. Even if it was cold, midweek and a long drive.

Thomas also sent in this wonderful panoramic shot of the ground from the away end.

Ipswich Town 1-2 Derby County, Portman Road. 23.10.12

This was Derby’s second away victory. Theo Robinson cancelled out DJ Campbell’s dubious goal by equalising in the late stages of the first half. Nathan Tyson scored the winner on 90 minutes to send the loyal Rams fans home with a huge smile on their faces. After the loss, Ipswich boss and former Derby boss Paul Jewell left the club.

Nathan Tyson celebrates his winner at Portman Road.

Rams fan James Wright made the journey south and told DerbyCountyFan.com this-

Overall Day: 8/10

Bit of a long day.

Derby Support: 9/10

Small following but the people who attended sang for the team.

Ground Atmosphere: 5/10

Ipswich had no singing.

Stadium Overall: 5/10

Not a pleasant stadium.

Thoughts on the day and game:

Great team spirit, Legzdins kept us in game for the first 20 minutes as he has done in the last 4 games. James O’Connor was a poor player, Conor Sammon’s best game in a Derby shirt. Deserved result as second half performance was brilliant.

Peterborough United 3-0 Derby County, London Road. 27.10.12

A disastrous day on the pitch for the Rams saw Jake Buxton sent off but the Derby faithful were in full voice.

“It was one of those games where everything that could do wrong did.” Nigel Clough

Leon Calladine was there amongst the loud away fans.

Overall Day: 7/10

I would have said 7/10 because there was some good football played but overall the score spoilt it.

Derby Support: 10/10

I would have said 10/10, from arrival to the final whistle we was in fine voice! True loyal fans in my eyes.

Ground Atmosphere: 7/10

I would have said 7/10 apart from us Derby fans making the news the atmosphere was very weak, dull and damp! Peterborough fans only sparked into action either when they scored or was in possession.

Stadium Overall: 8/10

I would have said 8/10, defiantly a very very old stadium! Not many with terracing any more  Apart from the up to date family stand the other parts was old but well looked after, and especially when I saw the wooden seats. Good old days of the Baseball Ground came flashing back 🙂

Thoughts on the day and game

With me being a DCFC steward it is good to get to away games when I can as a fan, overall the games was I OK. I suppose certain players did not play as they could but suppose you can put it down to a bad day at the office! Win, loose or draw always proud to be a DCFC fan 🙂

James Wright also went to London Road and said-

The Rams fans were incredible, what was it like on that terrace?

Incredible, everybody jumping around with each other, loudest away support I’ve heard, I think purely down to it being terrace. Didn’t get any praise from Clough, is it becuase of don’t know what you’re doing chants ? Probably but he deserved them with some of the clueless changes.

What did you think to Derby’s performance?

Overall poor, Conor Sammon is a very poor player for £1.2 million, you look at who you could buy for that and he is not good enough. Jeff Hendrick showed again how poor he has been this season. Legzdins showed how much of a good keeper he is, yes he made a bad mistake but kept us in the game with the penalty save and all the other saves. Clough made some awful subs, and Theo Robinson missed a sitter, if he scored it could have been a different game.

What were your thoughts on the ground?

Very poor ground, terrace looked like about to fall to bits, one food bit, one toilet not great! Their fans very, very quiet although the terracing was brilliant at making a cracking atmosphere from the Derby fans as we just mingled together!

Photos by myself at London Road


The terrace looks awful but fans created an electric atmosphere.


In this section I take a look at the giant flag’s journeys following the Rams up and down the land.

The flag sits in the away section of the Riverside.

Fans hang the flag from a bridge in Ipswich.

Rams fans take to their seats at Portman Road with the flag right beside them.

The flag is surfed in the windy conditions at London Road.

I’d like to thank all supporters who contributed.

Twitter- @NMtherams

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2 Responses to RAMS ON TOUR in October: Middlesbrough, Ipswich & Peterbrough

  1. ghost of igor says:

    Be good to know what away fans make of Pride Park. The atmosphere is pretty dead, it’s crying out for a Derby area behind the goal for fans who want to make an atmosphere. That plan has been around for ages- anyone know the latest?

    • nmorley1 says:

      I’d love to know what opposition fans think of Pride Park, I think it’s a lovely ground but lacks a lot of atmosphere.

      There was a petition for it last season and I can’t recall there being much said by the club other than that they’ll look into it. I think that and safe standing could solve the atmosphere problem.

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