Attendances continue to slip at Pride Park + Your Thoughts

Up and down the country football league clubs are seeing their attendances drop and Derby County are one of those.

An area of Pride Park with numerous empty seats.

BBC Sport released their ‘Price of football’ survey earlier this week, concluding that attendances are slipping due to high prices of not only the ticket but also the day out as a whole. In these hard economic times many are avoiding the football because of the price, so should clubs lower it?

Pride Park’s average league attendances since 2007/08-

2007/08: 32,432

2008/09: 29,440

2009/10: 29,230

2010/11: 25,892

2011/12: 26,020

So far this season: 22,412

Interestingly the Rams brought in a new format of ticket pricing this summer. Prices change depending on a number of factors including recent team performances, rivalries, day of the week and the weather.

Deals are offered to supporters but are these good enough?

Not just prices?

The Rams haven’t had any success since the promotion campaign on 2006/07 so many have stopped coming because of a lack of success and mid table to bottom half misery in recent years. Many no longer come because of what they feel is a lack of investment from the board.

Your thoughts

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Attendances This Season

League One Scunthorpe celebrate their victory at an almost empty Pride Park.

The Scunthorpe Capital One Cup game attracted a crowd of just 4,724. The attendances are always lower for midweek games but for Derby County to be playing in front of such a small crowd at home is unheard of. For the league season opener Sheffield Wednesday brought a huge travelling support, helping to boost the attendance to 27,437, the Rams’ best so far this campaign. The Charlton and Watford home matches attracted attendances of just over 20,000. Saturday’s game V Blackburn was the second biggest crowd the Rams have played in front of at Pride Park this season.

Twitter- @NMtherams

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One Response to Attendances continue to slip at Pride Park + Your Thoughts

  1. Stan says:

    Derby hasn’t shown the ability to threaten for promotion. Until that happens, crowds won’t recover – especially given the state of the economy. There’s a lack of belief that the current owners possess the financial wherewithal to push the club forward. Time will tell, but upper half of the table seems the ceiling for this young squad.

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