RAMS ON TOUR in August: Bolton and Wolves.

RAMS ON TOUR is a new feature to nathanmorley.co.uk

I ask fans their views on the away grounds visited in a month. The games against Wolverhampton and Bolton are featured in this edition.

Bolton Wanderers 2-0 Derby County, Reebok Stadium 21/8/2012

This game was The Rams’ first away day of the season, a very tough one. Bolton had just been relegated to the Championship so are keen to make a swift return.

The match ended 2-0, Kevin Davies and Chris Eagles got the goals for the Wanderers. Derby striker Theo Robinson was notably left out of Nigel Clough’s squad and was later reprimanded for sending a tweet prior to the game revealing he wasn’t involved.

Rams fan Alex McInerney got in touch about the Bolton game, here’s his thoughts.

Overall Day: 6/10

Derby Support: 6/10

Ground Atmosphere:  5/10

Stadium Overall: 7/10

General Comments and Derby’s performance: Rams played well and probably edged the game until 70 minutes and when Sammon was brought off. After that we couldn’t keep the ball and they created enough chances in the end to deserve the win. I liked the look of the stadium, very modern, but lacked atmosphere until Bolton were 1-0 up. A decent away turnout for a Tuesday night and everyone got behind the team. A good night, but frustration in the end as we couldn’t hold on to a point.

Another Derby fan, George Whelan, was in touch about answering some questions on the away day at Bolton.

Overall Day: 8/10

Derby Support: 9/10

Ground Atmosphere: 3/10

Stadium Overall: 6/10

General Comments and Derby’s performance: All be it the result (maybe not warranted)was poor. A decent number was took to Bolton but in particular the ‘Barmy Army Chant’ that continued for 10-15 with everyone involved. The Stadium Overall is a very parculiar one; great architecture, but not a football ground. Ground Support was very poor with Bolton barely producing 3 chants for the duration of the game and no where near a capacity crowd (bare in mind it was their first home fixture!) although I did find the chant ‘we are winning at home, we are winning at home, how sh** must you be’ very amusing! It was brilliant to see The Rams for the first away trip of the season, Conor Sammons’s debut looked very good, but the substitutions on the night (timing not the players individually) really let us down and in my opinion were not needed! Good pies though!

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George sent in this photo.

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Alex McInerney’s image.

Rams fan Ben sent this in.

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Jack Neal’s photo at the Reebok Stadium.

Wolverhampton Wanderers 1-1 Derby County, Molineux 25/8/2012

This match saw Derby win their second point of the season. At another newly relegated side, Derby felt they should have won the game and put on an encouraging performance.

Theo Robinson, back in the squad, scored an injury time equaliser to cancel out Kevin Doyle’s 35th minute strike.

TalkDCFC  contacted me to answer the questions on this away trip, here’s his views.

Overall Day: 8/10

Derby Support: 10/10

Ground Atmosphere: 3/10

Stadium Overall: 7/10

General Comments and Derby’s performance: Derby’s performance was the best I’ve seen in years, great passing. The fans are too far back from the pitch so the atmosphere is poor, Wolves fans were very quiet.

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Leighton Mitchell sent in this photo

Ben got in touch with this photo.

Ben also sent this is.

Jack Neal sent this in of Wolves’ new stand.


As I’m sure you’re aware, a giant ‘Derby County Super Rams’ flag follows the team up and down the country. Massive Derby fan Nick owns the flag and ,unfortunately, it wasn’t allowed in the ground at Wolves but did travel to Bolton and was surfed in the away end.


The giant flag is surfed at Bolton.

One Direction’s Niall Horan is a massive Derby fan and recently attended the home game against Sheffield Wednesday, he didn’t leave Pride Park without visiting the famous flag! (this isn’t from an away game but oh well!). Follow the Flagman at @dcfc_flagman

Thanks to the supporters who contributed to this article.

Twitter- @NMtherams

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