Celebrating 15 years of Pride Park, your memories.

Pride Park Stadium was officially opened on 18th July 1997 by the Queen. Since that day the stadium has held many good memories for fans, here are supporters who contacted me today’s favourite memory at Pride Park.

Her Majesty The Queen, Prince Phillip, Jim Smith and Lionel Pickering tour the new Pride Park Stadium. Empics

Her Majesty opens the stadium back in 1997.

The main entrance at night.

The ground has a capacity of 33,597 but is reduced due to segregation.

Your memories-

‘My best memos during the 15 years at PP (Pride Park) are the first few years with Jim Smith, stuffing the red dogs and beating Southampton in the play-off semis.’ Rikki Harrison via facebook.

‘Running across Pride Park when it was a building site first one to do a pitch invasion lol’ @antdcfc25 on twitter.

‘My favourite ever game at Pride Park has to be Derby 1-0 Forest from last season. The crowd went crazy when Bucko scored. Awesome.’ @TheJackOrton96 on twitter.

‘My favourite Derby v Forest game at Pride Park was the 3-0 win under George Burley.’ @Nigel_The_Ram on twitter.

‘ DCFC’s sumptuous penalties v The Saints in the play off semi and Inigio Ideakez skying it for them. Lol. Soz Idi, you gave us some great times too’ @mountague on twitter.

‘Lights going out at first league home game’ @DMC1968 on twitter.

‘Going to my first ever Derby match against Walsall drawing 2-2 and seeing the likes of Malcolm Christie and Carbonari’ @HarveyRai95 on twitter.

‘Got to be the very first PP match against Wimbledon. So excited for first game then BOOM lights out!’ @vassell87 on twitter.

‘Can’t beat an injury time winner over NFFC’ (Jake Buxton’s goal V Forest March 2012) @derby1884 on twitter

To add to that list tweet me your memories @NMtherams or alternatively post them on my DCFC Facebook Fans’ Page.

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