Chants at the Forest game

Firstly what a win it was on Tuesday beating our fiercest rivals in injury time but it was a shame the minority chanted what they did. In reference to the chants, Why has there been no fuss over what Forest chanted about Shaun Barker when he was down injured and Robbie Savage’s father ? Derby County have had to apologize to Nottingham Forest but nothing has been made of their equally disgraceful chanting.

Here a some reactions on Twitter from Forest striker Dexter Blackstock, Former Derby Skipper Robbie Savage and Rams striker and EX-Red Nathan Tyson.

Forest manager Steve Cotterill told media after the game- “Nigel [Clough] will probably be embarrassed by that tonight, I would imagine. Nigel is a good man, I get on very well with Nigel. I’m sure he would be very disappointed with that tonight. And most people who have chanted that, they need to be ashamed of themselves.

“What have they done coming out to a football match tonight and come out with that about Nigel Doughty? They need to be ashamed of themselves. They’ve used football as a carriage to open it up. Unfortunately what you can’t do and what Nigel [Clough] can’t do, is he can’t stop those thousands doing it.

“God bless his soul Nigel Doughty, he was top man for this football club, one of the best chairman that has probably ever been in the Championship. Not just because of the way he funded it, but because Nottingham Forest was his life as well.

“The worst part about it tonight was that we haven’t got a result, but he would have been pretty pleased with our effort and commitment tonight.”

The day after the match an official club statement from Derby County read-

Derby County Football Club wishes to formally apologise to the family of Nigel Doughty, Nottingham Forest Football Club and all supporters in attendance at Pride Park Stadium on Tuesday night for the behaviour of a small group of people at last night’s game.

Some of the chants directed to opposing supporters were wholly inappropriate and damage the excellent reputation of the Club and its supporters at large.

Chief Executive Tom Glick has already apologised to club officials at Nottingham Forest, while manager Nigel Clough made his feelings clear in post match interviews.

Glick said: “We are very disappointed that a brief moment of insensitive and distasteful chanting by a minority of supporters spoiled what was a great occasion at Pride Park Stadium last night and we do not condone the actions of those individuals in any way, shape or form.

“The vast majority of our supporters come to Pride Park to enjoy watching and cheering the Rams on to victory and generate a positive atmosphere inside the stadium.

“It is a shame for this majority that we today have to focus on a small group of people whose actions reflect badly on us all.”

Derby dominated the game throughout the game and eventually scored in injury time through sub Jake Buxton but it’s a real shame that this game won’t be remembered for the football. It was the first time Derby had done the double over Nottingham Forest inb 40 years.

Jake Buxton probably never expected to score against Forest on that night, especially when he was picked as a sub. Unfortunately Buxton was brought on as a sub in unfortunate circumstances as skipper Shaun Barker had to be stretchered off. Some of the Derby players dedicated the win to their captain to who everyone wishes a speedy recovery.

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